A little bit of that, and a little bit of this... The Universal Tool

A very common question that being asked on 3d printing related chat rooms, google groups and forums, is what to print when tuning and calibrating. The common suggestion is to look up on one of the model hosting sites for calibration prints,  and there are some great items there, but the sheer amount of available models, can be confusing and overwhelming.

The reality is that there is a universal tool for that, a 20mm cube, that is unsurprisingly present in most collections.

The ubiquitous cube can be used for tuning and calibrating from flow rate, to bridging (simply use 0 infill). But rather than going with the standard cube, a cube  with marked sides will be a better choice, why? Because a. it will allow you to keep track of the what side is what. b. the markings are an excellent test of the settings and the slicer capabilities.


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