A little bit of that, and a little bit of this... Necessity, the mother of Invention

Recently i’ve read a curious discussion on one of the slicers, where a user unhappy with the slicer’s fine detailing capability, suggested that better detailing perhaps can be achieved, if the extrusion width is reduced, from the nozzle size. Surprisingly the developer shot down the idea as “a bad idea”. The developers reaction was even more so surprising, since i have been experimenting with the extrusion width reduction for quite a while, and in most cases have gotten excellent results.

To illustrate, two gears - the one on the left is printed with standard 0.4mm extr. width, the other one was done with 0.2. You can see on the pictures, that the left one has issues with walls, like no connection to the thicker portion, or a banal hole visible on the second picture. The left one, upper section, easily broke apart when handled, while the right one is currently in use with no issues. (the red gear in the background has 1mm teeth with 0.5mm pitch, was printed at 0.2 width. Good luck printing that with 0.4mm extr. width and getting those teeth to be the right size)

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