A little bit of that, and a little bit of this... Filament, always an adventure

I've come to using filaments.ca’s ABS filament, the same way as most do, by having a disastrous result with the previous supplier’s filament, that literally left a bad taste.

My previous supplier, like most small Canadian filament retailers, sourced his ABS filament from overseas. The quality wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as most cheap Ebay and Amazon filaments, and since the retailer was local, it was cost effective. Throughout 2013 I've used that filament for testing, experimentation, and prototyping where quality was not a priority. In early 2014 I've placed a new order, for a few spools of white ABS, for a large print i have been commissioned to do.

And it was as if it was from a completely different manufacturer (it wasn't), poor diameter consistency, wide temperature swings, and poor performance after the end of the print.

Here is a small example, same gcode for all three prints...

White ABS from 2013 batch


White ABS from 2014 batch


Natural ABS from Filament.ca (the bed was a bit too hot at 110c)

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