The Future of 3D Printing

Three-dimension technology has radically evolved since the invention of the first commercial 3D printer called stereo-lithographic by Charles Hull in 1984. 3D printing is estimated to grow with 500% in the next 5 years and is now revolutionizing the manufacturing world. Naturally, the need and variety of available 3D printing materials will grow with it.

Presently used in prototyping and in pre-production mould making, 3D printing is now being adapted in manufacturing in what is being termed as direct digital manufacturing (DDM). Large scale manufacture remains a challenge; however, low-volume DDM is cost-effective and much simpler. For instance, clients such as Klock Werks Kustom Cycles has built specialized motorcycles using a Fortus 3D printer to create customized parts. China and Holland are already building entire houses with 3-D printers and recently the first 3-D printed hamburger was created in England giving the possibility of a man-made food supply. Even mainstream automobile companies are in the same vein, with Audi now 3D printing parts of its cars using Objet Polyjet 3D printers.

The future of 3D printing has even more promise:

  • In Medicine, human organs will now be customized for individual patients. 3D Printing will be used to create soft-tissue organs, metal implants, orthopedic insoles, body braces, and jaw transplants.
  • The military world has already had its first 3D-printed gun this year. 3D printing will be used to supply replacement parts swiftly even in remote locations.
  • Jewellers will now create stunning custom 3D printing limited-edition accessories which previously required complex and expensive machinery.
  • Children will be able to download 3D design files for the toys they want, modify and customize them as they wish and manufacture them in their homes with 3D printers.

Those are just a few examples, 3d printing will transform the future so tremendously that what is truly real will have to be questioned. Canadian 3D printing material suppliers such as have followed suit with the trending innovations providing 3D printing materials such 3D printer filaments and other custom 3D printing materials.

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