3D Printing in the Medical Industry: How Is It in 2021?

3D printers present an enormous opportunity for the medical industry to offer a personalized experience to patients and work on innovative designs for different surgical equipment. Here are some exciting ways professional 3D printers are changing the medical industry in 2021.

Practical Ways 3D Printers Are Changing the Medical Industry!

3D Printing of Orthopedic Implants

A recent survey estimates that the 3D printing of orthopedic implants will reach 4 million in 2027. Looking at the symmetry of human anatomy, surgeons can now 3D print replacement plants of the knee, ankles, hips, spinal cord, and more.

Thanks to the flexibility of the best 3D printers in Canada, you can help you create better-fitting and personalized orthopedic implants.

Thanks to the flexibility of the best 3D printers in Canada, you can help you create better-fitting and personalized orthopedic implants. Furthermore, the technology is also helping 3D print prosthetic parts. 3D printed prosthetics are affordable and more suited to the patient’s needs.

Medicals Models Are Helping Students Learn Practically

Many medical schools are using 3D printers in Canada to help the students learn anatomy and enhance their clinical skills. With 3D models, you can create a realistic replica of the heart, brain, spine, or any part of the body and train on them. When compared to traditional training, instructors can also use these models to helps students show complicated surgeries. This can help save time, and students can learn from experiential learning.

Creating Innovative Medical Devices

3D printers have become a synonym for innovation. They are revolutionizing the product development process of medical devices. Rapid prototyping helps in accelerating the design process from weeks to days. Top medical device companies are using resin 3D printers to produce innovative medical devices at affordable rates. For instance, Coalesce, a company producing medical devices, used 3D printers for various design iterations and speeding up their product development process.

Precise Surgical Operations

The use of 3D printing has many aspects. Its use in the medical industry has made surgical experiences more precise and personalized. Doctors can 3D print anatomical models from patient data scans to get a better understanding. Furthermore, if there are complex cases, studying such anatomical structures can help surgeons operate efficiently. The surgeons can also prepare better for the surgery. Better preparation will also help in lowering the patient’s anxiety and ensuring that they recover faster.

Dental Implants

Professional 3D printers are helping dentists improve the quality of restorative procedures like implanting crowns, veneers, and dental bridges. It is also possible to 3D print dentures with gum and teeth with biocompatible materials to suit the patient’s morphology. Another way resin 3D printers help is through the creation of transparent aligners and night guards. 3D dental printing plays a critical role in creating custom flossing devices to help doctors prepare better for dental surgeries.

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