A Beginner’s Guide to PLA 3D Printer Filaments

PLA Filament & Benefits

PLA or Polylactic acid is a popularly used material for 3D printing. PLA plastic filament owes its popularity to the several benefits it offers. The material comes in a variety of shades and styles, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Also, PLA plastic, unlike petrochemical-based plastics, is bio-degradable and hence environment friendly. For those who are working on a tight budget, PLA comes as an obvious choice as it is affordable. Furthermore, it is the easiest to 3D print with.

Why is PLA mostly used for 3D Printing?

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of PLA filaments in the 3D printing industry is the wide range of colours it comes in. As a result, PLA 3D printer filament can easily be used to serve as the base material for many composites with over-the-top properties.

Also, because the material can easily be sanded, post-processed or painted, 3D printer plastic PLA is a favourite when it comes to 3D printing with FDM technology. This material does not require heated beds or re-inforced nozzles or printer chambers.

While working with PLA filament, you do not have to worry about bad-smelling fumes. Also, PLA can be stored easily.

Is PLA Filament Food Safe?

PLA 3D printer filament comes in different grades and you will have to check and pick a variant that is food safe. The manufacturing method needs to be carefully understood while using PLA plastic for 3D printing of objects that shall be used to contain food items. For instance, PLA filaments used on a Generic 3D printer cannot be considered food safe.

Common Uses of PLA Filaments

Due to the ease of use of PLA plastic filament, it is used for a wide range of applications. From the production of tubes to food packaging, PLA is used across industries. Along with this, PLA is used for making food containers and a wide range of colour and composite options.

Our Top Selection of PLA Filaments

Here is a list of our best PLA Filaments that we recommend for 3D printing.

Flexible PLA Filament

Flexible PLA Filament

The flexible PLA plastic filament at Filaments is one of our most popular products. This thermoplastic filament has a mild rubbery texture and offers the freedom of creating prints that are as extensible and flexible as durable rubber.

Also, you can use this filament easily with an FDM 3D printer. You can combine this filament with the standard PLA plastic filament from Filaments and create unique 3D printers.

Tungsten Fill PLA Filament

Tungsten Fill PLA Filament

Our tungsten-fill PLA plastic for 3D printing has been made from our standard PLA printer material. However, unlike other filaments, our tungsten fill PLA has been provided extra metallic sheen and the option to polish to make it as realistic as possible.

This has a relatively higher density as compared to standard PLA. It is extremely easy to use.

Econofil PLA Filament

Econofil PLA Filament

The Econofil PLA plastic filaments are one of our most sought-after brands. Our Econofil range comprises high-quality, affordable filaments that are easy to use, non-toxic and bio-degradable. Also, our Econofil filaments are toughened through our EcoTough technology which makes the filament more durable and stronger, while ensuring ease of use.

ABS Filament

The standard ABS filament from the house of Filaments – leading PLA filament suppliers - is strong, impact and heat resistant. If detailed and demanding 3D prints are on your hands, this ABS filament is the right choice for you. This material can be used for creating prototypes and functional 3D printed parts. Besides being highly functional, this filament will allow you to create a beautiful matte finish in your product.

True Food Safe PLA

TRUE Food Safe PLA - Black Licorice - 1.75mm

The True Food Sale PLA plastic filament from Filaments has been designed specifically to develop applications that need to be used to handle food items. From cookie cutters to cake toppers and even customized kitchen tools, you can rest assured about high quality and safety.

Furthermore, this product is extremely easy to use. So even if you are a beginner, you can use this product easily. At Filaments, we have ensured that safety has been kept as a priority while preparing these filaments. So from FDA-approved raw materials to the use of food-safe colour pigments and from clean manufacturing to conformity certification, Filaments has ensured that this material is absolutely safe for food items.

Econofil PLA Grey

Econofil PLA Grey

Econofil by Filaments is a name that assures that the product is of the highest quality, safe and exceptionally smooth for 3D printing. The Econofil PLA plastic Grey is one of our best and popular products. Perfect for everyday 3D printing and prototyping, this filament is affordable and hence perfect for high-volume users.

Econofil PLA White

Econofil PLA White

The Econofil PLA White is easily accessible, of high quality and affordable. This 3D printer plastic filament belongs to the Econofil brand by Filaments and hence guarantees durability and strength. The EcoTough technology used in the preparation of this filament ensures that the material is stronger and tougher. It is also easy to handle, extremely safe and exceptionally smooth.

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