Benefits of Using Carbon Fiber Filaments for 3D Printing

To get the best results in 3D printing, you need to know which filaments are best for your printing needs. When we talk about the popular filaments used across the industry-ABS and PLA, there are a few things you need to consider. While ABS filaments for 3D printing are less expensive and versatile, they are often brittle and warp easily. PLA filaments, on the other hand, are flexible but have a lower melting point. There’s one material that is often preferred over these two, and that is carbon fibre filament. Read on to learn more about what carbon fibre filaments are and the benefits of working with them.

What is Carbon Fibre Filaments?

As the name suggests, carbon fibre filaments have tiny carbon fibres infused into the base material. The base component can be made from any materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG or others to enhance its quality.

There is a large selection of carbon fibres filament available today and it is one of the most widely used additives for applications where strength and weight are given importance such as the construction industry.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Carbon Fibre Filaments

  • High Tensile Strength and Lightweight

The biggest benefit of using carbon fibre filaments in the 3D printing industry is that it offers high tensile strength and has a low weight to strength ratio. This makes it an ideal choice to be used in the 3D printing industry, where strength and durability are crucial. It’s excellent rigidity and durability while being lightweight is what makes it an industry favourite when compared to traditional materials to wood and steel.

  • Less Likely to Change Shape When Exposed to Heat

Carbon fibre filaments have the property of low thermal expansion that makes them heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 3D printing with carbon fibre filament is easy as the fibre aids in preventing any parts from shrinkage when the print cools down. This enhances the quality of the print.

  • Enhances the Properties of the Base Material

You can use carbon fibre filaments as a strengthening additive because it also enhances the mechanical properties of the base materials in many ways. It provides better rigidity and adds dimensional stability to reduce the chances of warping and shrinkage.

  • Wide Range of Applications in a Cost-Effective Manner

You can leverage the advantages of carbon fibre filaments to make prints for a variety of industries. Carbon fibres are stronger than metal, lighter than plastic, and heat resistant, making it the perfect material for printing functional prototypes. The automobile industry has lowered its production costs by using this versatile material over aluminum. Moreover, by adding carbon fibres into base materials like PLA and PETG, businesses can cost-effectively enhance their printing capabilities.

  • Attractive Aesthetics

Composite filaments are used in the 3D printing industry for their innovative features and can help produce prints that are conductive, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They have a black finish that can be paired with different base materials such as PETG, nylon, PLA, and others to help you develop unique and customizable prints. With composite filaments such as carbon fibre, you can push the boundaries to make innovative designs. Moreover, using carbon fibre can make your final print look much more attractive than their plastic counterparts.

Common applications of composite carbon fibre filaments:

  • The Automobile Industry: Design of cars and even their construction
  • Sports equipment
  • Drones
  • Prototypes of prosthetic limbs and orthotics
  • Aircraft designs in the aerospace industry

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