Buyer's Guide: How to Choose a 3D Printer?

As far as recent innovations go, 3D printing technology has shown promising results. 3D printers are great in terms of speed, flexibility, and minimizing the cost of your business. Possibilities are endless when compared to traditional moulding methods.

However, before moving to rapid prototyping, you need to make an important decision, which is to buy a 3D printer that suits your needs. There are several 3D printers available on the market such as nylon 3d printers, carbon fibre 3D printer, and more. This is why choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming. Read on and we’ll help you find the right 3D printer.

A Guide to Choosing the Right 3D Printer

  • Focus on What You Want to Print.

A lot of 3D printer stores in Canada offer industrial and professional 3D printers. Knowing what you want to print can make a lot of difference when selecting one. If you are looking for a professional 3D printer for your office, then you can choose between a Kodak 3D printer or a MakerBot Method 3D printer. A professional 3D printer offers high-quality results with consistency in production. Also, if you are looking for a product that helps in developing intricate and smooth artwork, then consider buying a resin 3D printer for high accuracy and better resolution.

  • Know the Materials that Go into the Making.

Whether you are visiting a 3D printer store or searching for one online, make sure you understand the material requirements of the 3D printer. The materials you use can affect the result and your operational cost. Usually, 3D printers use filaments that are easily available and also offer flexibility and strength to the object.

Keep in mind that some 3D printers like SLA use different materials that are slightly costly. Therefore, materials should also be considered while buying a 3D printer because of their costs, convenience, and printing style.

  • Don’t Forget About End-Use Applications.

While buying printing equipment, the high-quality features are what makes it all the more attractive and functional. The user interface of the 3D printer can improve your printing experience significantly. It helps to look at all the quality features of the 3D printer and ask for demonstrations. Also, keep an eye out for details such as digital screens, auto bed levelling, filament sensors, and build volume. SLA printers have high resolution for a smooth surface finish. While carbon fibre printers and other FDM 3D printers have a coarse surface finish. Be sure to select the one that best suits all your requirements.

  • Check Out All the Additional Features.

Whether you are buying an SLA 3D printer or a Carbon fibre 3D printer, it is necessary to know what features come with it and whether it suits all your needs. It helps to check all the safety features, ventilation system, the nozzle, the heating bed instructions, and the printing speed. You should also know about the 3D printing connectivity options to ensure smooth functioning.

  • A One Time Investment.

3D printers are more affordable than ever. They are available in various sizes and the estimate ranges from model to model. Be sure to analyze the benefits of a product and know what you want it for, to make a better buying decision.
You should invest in a good brand that offers you solid support and meets all your needs.

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