Is 3D Printing Technology Right for a Small Business?

3D printing has taken the market by storm. The technology allows you the freedom to work with a wide range of materials to produce unique prints that can be extremely beneficial for your business. However, this technology is quite expensive and you may wonder if it fits into your budget and whether you should apply it to your business or not. Here's a detailed look at the different aspects of 3D printing in Toronto to help you understand if 3D printing is right for your small business or not.

Different Materials and Printing

  • Metal & 3D Printing

3D printing on metals is an exciting prospect. It is also quite rewarding as it is used for large scale projects involving aerospace, medical products and prototypes. Metallic printing works by melting different metal powders together using laser technology. Another popular method of 3D printing in Canada involves melting metal and plastic powders together and then melting away the plastic component to reveal the final metallic print. The 3D printers in Canada used for metallic printing are quite expensive.

So, while they can be beneficial to the growth of your business, it could be a challenge for you to purchase a 3D printer in Canada. Nevertheless, even if the printer does not fit into your budget, you can always engage an agency to take the prints for you.

  • Plastics & 3D Printing

Plastic 3D Printing in Toronto is one of the more popular options because of its affordability. This type of printing is undertaking by plastic pellets that are melted and forced into a metallic mould. This method of 3D printing service is growing increasingly popular and is replacing injection moulding. This is because 3D plastic printing is more affordable, and it is more cost-effective in case of large volumes.

Different Types of Printing

  • FDM Printing

There are different techniques of printing, which means you get to choose the most affordable option if you must undertake 3D printing in Toronto on your own. FDM printing is one of the most affordable methods of printing and FDM printers are also reasonably priced. FDM printing involves the dispensing of plastic layers one-by-one to build a product from a variety of melted materials. FDM printing allows you to work with a wide range of materials which range from bio-degradable materials to food-safe plastics. If your budget permits, you can invest in an FDM printer and take out 3D prints on your own.

  • Stereolithography

You can also use the Stereolithography or SLA technique to take 3D printing service. In this technique, light is used to harden liquid plastic layer by layer till the final 3D part is ready. SLA offers superior 3D prints that are finer in terms of detailing as compared to the ones created through FDM. However, there are a few challenges that you might face while using the SLA technique. Depending on the type of polymers used for printing, the 3D prints could be fragile. Also, the liquids used for SLA printing can be harmful to your health and hence need careful handling.

SLA 3D printers in Canada come in a wide range of prices. However, if you are to take SLA prints regularly, you should invest in a powerful printer, which may be a bit heavy on your pocket.

  • How Can 3D Printing Help Your Business?

3D printing service has three main uses. The first is prototyping and designing. With 3D printing, you can take print outs of your designs at different stages. This allows you to engage with the model and understand its flaws and shortcomings better. This way you can build a better design.

The second use of 3D printing service is for creating fixtures, speciality tools and molds. This use is particularly useful for the woodworking and metal working industries. The industries need to prepare custom tooling to create complex designs. Taking in-house 3D printing service can help you cut costs.

The third use of 3D printing is producing smaller amounts of manufacturing parts. These could be printed for testing purposes or for replacing spare parts. Traditional methods of preparing these products would require labour and a large amount of material, which may not be as cost effective.

  • Should You Opt for 3D Printing for Your Business?

3D printing service can be a gamechanger in terms of boosting your business, even if it is a small-scale enterprise. 3D printing has found takers in a wide variety of industries and you could profit to a great extent by taking on 3D printing. Even if you do not have the budget to invest in high-end printers, you can reach out to local printers who can take the prints for you.

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