Top Benefits of 3D Resin Printers

With the development of additive manufacturing, businesses have been able to innovate their prototyping and production processes. Many entrepreneurs have even unlocked new business opportunities using these cutting-edge technologies. If you are exploring 3D printing and want to incorporate it into your business, UV resin in Canada might be the technology you would like to choose. Learn about the benefits of using resin 3D printers for your business!

5 Reasons To Use 3D Resin Printers for Your Business!

Highest Resolution & Accuracy

Professional industrial applications need a 3D printer with high resolution, and accuracy is essential. Resin 3D Printers create one layer at a time using isotropy parts and a fine UV laser beam for the ultimate precision. While FDM printers depend on the size of the extrusion nozzle for resolution, resin printers use precise UV rays for the desired resolution. Hence, if you are required to prototype 3D complex geometric objects with the highest resolution, you should opt for an SLA 3D printer.

Ideal for Engineering & Mechanical Applications

Most people think that the designs printed from FDM 3D printers are studier than resins printers. In reality, both technologies offer high lateral strength. That way, the strength of the object doesn’t change with orientation. Hence, they are an ideal choice for applications where material properties matter. Furthermore, resin 3D printers allow complex assemblies of individual parts for a streamlined design. It will help you print functional prototypes and models for the engineering and manufacturing industry.

Excellent Watertightness

Visually, a 3D print may appear waterproof. However, small gaps between the layers can cause water leakage and compromise the object. Another potential issue is that when using some filaments, they can dissolve when exposed to liquids.

In that case, you can use resin 3D printers as a reliable solution due to their excellent water tightness properties. They produce continuous sealed layers with accurate dimensions. Many engineers use SLA printers in the automotive industry, consumer goods industries, and others to solve fluid challenges.

Stunning Visual Applications

With the ability to produce a high-level feature detail, raisin printers can help you showcase even complex geometric parts and sharp edges with ease. Thanks to its UV resin’s curing process, you can print objects with tight dimensional tolerances and higher resolution for a smooth finish.

The right resin formulation can assist you in creating stunning visual 3D objects for industries such as jewellery, entertainment, and many others. Affordable and professional-grade resin formulations such as the ones offered by PolyJuice, FormFutura, and other reputed manufacturers can help you design compelling finished product prototypes for your clients.

No Thermal Expansion & Material Compatibility

Resin 3D printers use light instead of heat to print objects. Since the object is printed at room temperature, it doesn’t suffer from the thermal expansion that can happen quite often during FDM printing.

Another advantage of printing with UV resin in Canada is that resin formulations are quite versatile. By combining resin formulation from reputed manufacturers, such as PolyJuice and Monocure with secondary materials, you can create detail-oriented figurines and structures.

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