What Are the Best Applications of ABS Filaments?

3D printing was a niche technology back in the 1980s. However, with time, 3D printing has become a mainstream thing, especially for the manufacturing industry. 3D printing helps the industry reduce downtime, cost and enhanced the quality of productions.

The success and wide-spread adoption of 3D printing are because of the ABS 3D printer filament. Here's some information on this filament to help you understand the filament, its popularity in the 3D printing industry, and its real-life applications.

What is the ABS Filament?

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. The ABS filament is thermoplastic and is created by merging styrene polymers, acrylonitrile, and polybutadiene rubber. ABS is different from other plastics because it is durable, resilient, and is ideal for industrial applications that need high-resistance to high impact. These properties of the ABS filament make it a popular 3D printer filament material in the manufacturing and engineering industries.

Why is ABS Preferred for Industrial Applications?

ABS filament has certain mechanical properties that make it a preferred material for industrial applications. For instance, ABS liquifies at 221 degrees Fahrenheit which makes machining easy. As a result, ABS filament is widely used in fabrications, molding, accessories, and 3D printing parts. For instance, the ABS Filament Silver 1.75 mm by Filaments is a highly heat resistant product

Furthermore, highly-accurate industrial parts can be molded using the ABS filament. It is also highly resistant to chemicals and hence is used for high-quality industrial parts. If you are looking for a filament that can resist high-pressure, the ABS Filament Natural 1.75 mm by Filaments is the product you need.

ABS printer filament is also quite resistant and durable. It can easily withstand humidity, fluctuating temperatures and stay stable.

One of the best features of the ABS printer filament is that it can be recycled and hence it is not just cost-effective but environment friendly too.

Best Industrial Applications of the ABS Filament

Automotive Industry

The ABS filament is widely used in the automotive industry because it is lighter yet stronger as compared to other plastics. The use of ABS filament reduces the overall weight of the vehicle by 10 percent, thus making the vehicle fuel-efficient. Most manufacturers use ABS filament to make wheel covers and dashboards.

Pipes and Fittings

The pipes and fittings manufacturing industries extensively use ABS as the popular filament for 3D printing. The reasons for its popularity are that it is light-weight, has a very low-temperature melting point, and is highly reliable. The filament can also withstand wear and tear and is easy to install and maintain. This makes it a great choice for creating prototypes of pipes and fittings.

Toy Industry

The toy industry also prefers the ABS filament as it is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures. Also, the ABS filament is less brittle as compared to its counterparts and hence forms a great material to make toys that are safe for children.

Sports Equipment

For sports equipment, manufacturers prefer using the ABS as filament for 3D printers because of its durability and ability to withstand pressure. ABS filament is used to manufacture products such as running shoes, bike helmets, golf masks, mouth guards, etc.

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