When Should You Opt for Resin 3D Printing?

The immediate challenge that beginners face in the 3D printing industry is choosing the ideal printing technology from the different options available. While fused deposition modeling is one of the most common technologies available, resin 3D printers are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their ability to print intricate patterns. If you are thinking about how UV resin can help you 3D print professionally, here’s a guide to help you make an informed decision.

5 Reasons Why Resin 3D Printers Are Popular!

  • They Can 3D Print Everything- From Tiny Details to Large Objects

Resin 3D printers are versatile as they can print everything. Through resin technology, the objects are printed layer by layer with a tank full of resin solutions. When exposed to the right UV lights, the resin hardens to a new shape. This process adds detail to the object. From intricate details to large objects, they come with varied capabilities to suit your business needs. The largest mammoth printers can print objects as large as 2100x700x800mm. The evolution of technology has also enabled resin 3D printers to develop transparent objects.

  • Offers Design Flexibility

Industries such as healthcare, automotive, and others need to develop customized solutions that require high design accuracy and flexibility. Conventional 3D printing technology doesn’t allow you design flexibility. In contrast, Resin 3D printers can create intricate parts in minimum downtime with more flexibility. This makes the technology an ideal choice for producing complex components. Whether it is developing geometrics or customizing implants or surgical tools, UV resin in Canada offers you multiple design options.

  • Smoother Finish & Better Resolution

Mass customization is a leading factor behind the use of 3D printing technology. However, with customization, adding a finishing touch will also improve the visual aspect of the object. With resin 3D printers, you can provide your designs with the desired finish. Compared to FDM printers, this technology gives a smooth and unique surface to objects. From plastic and resin to metal 3D printing projects, there is a finishing option that suits your every requirement.

  • Multiple Parts Assembly is Easier to Achieve

Producing moving assemblies with many components working together can be tricky for beginners. With the introduction of state-of-the-art UV resin in Canada, you can design several parts together in an assembly. The precision of the 3D printers allows you to make design changes flexibly and breaks down composite designs into components that you can adjust as per your design specification. This also allows you to save time and enhance productivity.

  • Sustainable and Versatile

One of the most common 3D printing materials for FDM printers is ABS filaments. However, they start becoming weaker with each heating process. On the other hand, resins are reusable materials that do not lose their properties and have increased bio-compatibility. Furthermore, the recent stereolithography process can accommodate many materials. You can use ceramic powders, plastic resin, or join metals to form precision components as per your requirements.

Our Top Selection of Advanced Resin 3D Printers!

Monocure 3D RAPID UV Resin - CLEAR

Monocure is a leading manufacturer of UV resin that ensures high-performance, smoothness, and strength. As a forefront adopter of 3D UV technology, you can trust their formulas for the best 3D printing experience.

eResin PLA Bio-Based Photopolymer Resin - CLEAR

This bio-based formula is sustainable and eco-friendly. The solution has scratch-resistant properties for an improved flow for your 3D printing process. While using resin 3D printers, using this formula, you can ensure low warping and better moisture resistance to protect your precious designs.

PolyJuice WATER WASHABLE Resin - Clear

Polyjuice by filaments.ca is an affordable and unique photopolymer resin for professional and industrial 3D printing. The formula is easy to clean and has higher tensile strength than standard resins. The use of this formula makes the post-printing process simpler and efficient.

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