Which 3D Printing Resin Should You Use?

Resins used for 3D printing give excellent results. They are smooth materials emphasizing mainly on high-quality and low price. Other features include printing large sizes, easily paintable, focus on high details and transparency. The technology used while printing with this material is stereolithography (SLA) along with digital light processing (DLP) that is comparatively cost-effective.

If compared with filament-based printers, the printing process and result of resin-printers is better. The print sizes of the former are smaller as compared to FDM printers. The technology used by resin printers is stereolithography (SLA) along with digital light processing (DLP). This technology uses UV light source for liquid resin conversion into a solid; while other printers deposit molten plastic with a hot nozzle.

Which 3D Printing Resin Should You Use?

There are different types of 3D printing resins available. Today, we would discuss the three most commonly used ones.

  • Standard Resins

Standard resin is ideal low-budget material available in the market. It is formed from liquid resin that is hardened by a laser. The material is smooth, translucent, easy to paint, has high-level of details, and the post-process is also uncomplicated. Standard resins offer excellent quality at reasonable price. The support that comes with this resin can be manually removed if not required. You can also choose a standard resin without any support.

Besides being cost-effective, the material offers excellent surface quality. Standards resins are mostly suitable for visual models, model trains, and figurines with controlled functionalities.

Standard resins are usually natural gray. However, they are available in other colors as well. They can also be transparent and clear. You can paint your resin as well, white, grey, blue, etc. are common colors. It is also recommended to varnish or paint your resin in order to avoid discoloration due to direct UV light.

Grey resin was earlier known as Prime Gray. It is considered as one of the smoothest 3D printing materials available in the market. Moreover, grey resins are easy to pain.

When printing is done in a transparent material, we use transparent resin as the material. One of the most important features that this material possesses is water-resistant. This material is an ideal option for models that needs transparent surface, smooth finish, and high-quality.

  • Bio-Based Photopolymer Resins

A bio-based photopolymer resin normally has the capacity to modify its properties when it is exposed to light. This can be UV light or visibility of electromagnetic spectrum. The changes that the resin undergo are usually demonstrated structurally. For example, the material solidifies because of cross-linking that happens due to exposure of UV light.

Main features of this polymer include strength and temperature resistance even when it experiences less shrinkage and moisture absorption. PLA monomer is used as raw material used to create photopolymer resins. It is perfect for general purposes.

Some of the features of a bio-based photopolymer resin are:

  • Low odor
  • It is biodegradable
  • Improved flow
  • It is easy to clean
  • Stronger than the standard resins
  • Low warp
  • It is safe to use
  • Environmental-friendly
  • High precision
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water Washable Resins

Water used as a cleaning agent for 3D printing resins is extremely a great option. Therefore, it wouldn’t be inappropriate to call water washable resin as a distinctive photopolymer resin. The benefits mostly include easy cleaning with water instead of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or similar solutions, simple post-printing process, safe, clean, and cost-effective.

Some of the features of a water washable resin are:

  • Reduced viscosity
  • Low odor
  • Stronger than the standard resins
  • High-level of details
  • Water can be used to clean the parts easily (IPA is not required)
  • Smooth material
  • Dry and non-tacky surface finish
  • UV curing is not required
  • Fast layer curing times
  • Works well with color pigments

A few very common 3D printing resin products are:

PolyJuice Water Washable Resin – Clear

PolyJuice Water Washable Resin – Clear
PolyJuice Water Washable Resin – Transparent Blue

PolyJuice Water Washable Resin – Transparent Blue
eResin PLA Bio-Based Photopolymer Resin – Grey

eResin PLA Bio-Based Photopolymer Resin - GREY

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