Why and When Should You Use Carbon 3D Printer

Carbon 3D printing and carbon 3D printers have found several takers over the years. Carbon fibre either chopped or continuous adds strength to plastics. This is particularly important as Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (CFRP) is an integral ingredient for industrial printing. Carbon fibre strengthens and facilitates superior performance when used with standard thermoplastics such as PLA, ABS or PET.

If you are a novice to 3D Printing, you would wonder why you need Carbon 3D printing. Here's why:

Greater Strength

This is one of the most popular reasons for the popularity that carbon 3D printing enjoys. The carbon 3D printing filament when used with a high-quality and high-performance carbon fiber 3D printer imparts high strength in a strength-weight ratio to printing materials. As a result, the end products have greater finesse and design accuracy.

Light Weight

Besides strength, carbon fibre 3D printer filament also makes products light-weight. The biggest advantage the filament offers is that will carbon 3D printer filament, you can achieve a light-weight product without loss of performance grade strength.

High Resistance to Heat

Carbon 3D printer filament is highly resistant to heat as compared to other standard printing materials such as PLA, PETG and ABS. They impart this property to the base material which makes the end product highly resistant to heat too.


Carbon 3D printer filament also imparts stiffness to base materials. As a result, products made from carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers retain their shape even when under high stress.

Why Should You Use a 3D Printer? Here's your answer:

If you are planning to buy a 3D printer, you will find several options that carbon fiber suppliers in Canada have to offer. 3D printing requires a specific production environment which only a high-performance 3D printer can undertake. Here’s how:

Heated Print Bed

A heated print bed will give your product a strong foundation. A heated print bed is essential and you must ensure that the first layer of your print must adhere to the print bed to ensure that it has a strong foundation.

These days you can find printers that ready the heated print bed in a matter of just 15 minutes. You can considerably reduce the time needed for taking prints with such printers. You can check out the product catalogue offered by Filaments to buy carbon fiber in Canada.

Hardened Nozzle

Carbon fibre filament is abrasive and can wear down a standard 3D printing nozzle. Hence, a brass nozzle does not stand a chance when it comes to carbon fibre filament printing. Professional 3D printers come with hardened steel that are the optimum choice for CFRP printing. If you are not sure which printer nozzle to pick for printing purposes, you can reach out to Filaments - the leading name for 3D printing products in Canada.

Insulated Build Envelope

Several 3D printers come with an insulated build envelope, which can cut off toxic elements and protect you from exposure while the printing is underway. Furthermore, a fully enclosed lid will help you achieve high-quality prints.

3D printing is used for producing a variety of products. From composite moulds to thermofolding moulds, jigs and fixtures and tools, 3D printing and 3D printers have found extensive use. When you take up 3D printing, you must understand that the job requires specific parameters and specialized equipment. If your aim to product accurate, high-quality products, you must get your tools right. For high-quality filaments and printers, you can reach out to Filaments – the top destination for everything related to 3D printing in Toronto.

Filaments – The One Stop Shop for All Your 3D Printing Needs

Filaments offers a wide range of 3D filaments and products in Canada. From ABS 3D printers to any kind of 3D printing in Toronto, we can help you with high-performance products and equipment. For queries related to ABS printing or carbon 3D printers in Canada, you can write to info@filaments.ca or speak to our experts by calling at 1-888-536-5551 or 905-677-1337.

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