The popular Taulman ALLOY 910 is now available in Black!

The popular Taulman ALLOY 910 is now available in Black!

The popular Alloy 910 3D printer filament from Taulman3D now comes in Black color as well. Alloy 910 has been a favorite Nylon based filament for many customers. IUp to now it has only been available in its natural color, having it in Black means you can now print even more high strength usable parts!

taulman alloy 910 black Canada

Why is Alloy 910 such a good filament?

  • Has high tensile strength, higher than the strongest co-polyesters
  • Has the durability of Nylon
  • Has a very low shrinkage factor
  • Is resistant to a vast range of chemicals
  • Is the only Nylon based polymer that makes support removal easier than most using ABS
  • Has a 95C working range
  • Is easily printable at 250C.

Click here to see Alloy 910 an our complete range of Taulman3D filaments in Canada


Hi Pierre,
Taulman does not stock the alloy 910 black any longer but it is available for custom special order.
If you would like us to order some for you, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.
Btw we do have the Alloy910 in natural color in stock.


When this product will be available on the online store please ?

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