New PLA and ABS Creative Series 3D Filaments Line!

After months of work, is proud to introduce our newest line of ABS and PLA 3D printing filaments!

In comparison with our Original series 3D filaments, the Creative series 3D filaments are available in a larger and more unique variety of colors and feature a larger spool size (200mm) with a larger hub hole (53.5mm) and larger inner coil diameter (90mm). The quality of the filament is similar to our original filament but with slight modifications to achieve the more unique colors.

  • The color variety means you can print even more unique and colorful objects.
  • The larger spool hub hole means it will fit more spool holders.
  • The larger inner coil diameter means the filament towards the end of the roll will be easier to print with.

Below are the currently available colors. We plan on offering more materials on the larger spool as well soon.

For those who are perfectly happy with our original spools and filaments, rest assured, there will be no change and we will continue offering them along side these new spools.

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