Important update and inventory news

First, happy holidays and marry Christmas to all our customers!

We wanted to share this update as we have been receiving allot of inquiries about the many currently out of stock items. Rest assured that we are still operational, alive and kicking! In fact, our filaments have been flying off the shelves faster than ever before!

So why is everything out of stock?
Well, as some of you know, we have recently decided to no longer utilize the smaller 32mm hub hole diameter spool and produce all filament on our new larger spool. As a result, we no longer restock these spools in order to make room for new inventory and colors which is expected to be available in early to mid January.

All remaining old spool inventory has now been put in our clearance section at a reduced price. So grab it while you can! (mostly 3mm).

We apologize for the wait and thank you for your patience and loyalty. We are definitely here to stay for the long run and as always, promise to continue offering high quality filaments for competitive prices.

Other specialty materials are also planned to be available soon as we always strive to find and bring you unique 3d printer filaments from around the world. Please continue sending us new material suggestions, it's always great to see what else is out there and try to make it available here in Canada as well.

Happy holidays!
The Team.

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