3D Filament Refills

Recently we've been getting a large number of comments directing us to take a look at the filament refill / master spool project recently published by D printing expert Richard Horne (a.k.a. RichRap). (https://all3dp.com/masterspool-helps-reduce-waste-buying-3…/)

Although the concept has been around for some time, it is indeed wonderful that he managed to spark the interest of the community.

Filaments.ca has been manufacturing these coils (full 1KG coils) for some time now and are extremely excited that this concept is finally catching on, as it is very good not just for the environment but for your wallet as well! (Yes, these will be priced very low!)

We've actually been experimenting with 2 types of coils, one with a cardboard center and another without. We find that the rigid cardboard center give a more reliable and controlled uncoiling toward the end of the spool as well as gives more flexibility with a wider variety of your own 3D printed spools.

We are also currently finalizing our own 3D printed spool design which will of course be available for free download.

Seeing the growing demand, we expect to have these publicly available for sale on our website around April 2018. In meantime everyone is welcome to contact us for more information, customer orders and pre-orders.

Thank you & happy printing! Filaments.ca team.

3D filament refill Canada

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