3D Filament at The UPS Store

We are happy to announce that after a long wait, is finally starting to roll out 3D printer filaments at The UPS Store! Selection is currently limited to popular materials only such as PLA and ABS and in limited colors. As demand grows we hope to offer a much wider selection.

The main benefit of having 3D printer filament at your local UPS store is that you can simply walk in and grab some filament for your project anytime, without the need to order online or wait for shipping.

The first UPS Store to offer our filament is The UPS Store on Dufferin & Steeles in Toronto. As additional locations are added, the list on our contact page will be updated accordingly.

Happy Printing! filament at the UPS store Canada

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Christopher Antonio Sarmales-Murga
Christopher Antonio Sarmales-Murga

It would be AMAZING if you were to bring these to a local store within Ottawa.

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