InkSmith PLA+ Filament - White - 1.75mm

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About PLA+ Filament

PLA+, or Poly Lactic Acid, is a high-grade compostable bioplastic made from renewable natural resources. It's one of the most popular materials for 3D printing, as it's been perfected for ease of use with desktop 3D printing. Using PLA+ will reduce calibration times, improve success rates and ensure a consistent printing experience. Modified, our filament retains the typical advantages of PLA+ with greatly improved toughness and a reduction of brittleness. With a minimal shrinkage factor, PLA filament will not warp or deform after cooling. 


PLA+ is safe for indoor use. Other options, such as ABS filament, have certain benefits, but print with a noticeable plastic smell or give off potentially harmful chemicals. Using a PLA+ filament for your 3D printer will keep your workspace safe and clean. 


Print Settings

It is important that the PLA+ filament temperature in your 3D printer is set correctly to avoid any issues with the extruder. 

Printing Temp: 210-220°C
Bed temp: 65°C
Printing conditions: PLA+ will print directly on heated glass or a Cubicon bed, but will print best on heated PEI, Buildtak or gluestick.

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